How to colour Eyebrows at home

Tips on dying your eyebrows at home

Having beautiful colorful eyebrows to match the color of your hair is a necessity for most women today. Getting your eyebrows colored at a salon reaps excellent results but can similarly wreak havoc on your purse. Coloring your eye brows at home is an excellent alternate to paying absorbent amounts for the same treatment at the hair dresser.

Here are some helpful tips to coloring your eye brows at home

It is always best to be extremely cautious whenever using dyes or other liquid material near your eyes. Take your time and be very careful especially when dying your eyebrows for the first times. Be sure to keep your eyes close while applying dies to your eyebrows.

Wash your eye brows and then allow them to dry for about ten minutes. Apply dye as explained on the container onto a clean mascara brush or spoolie. Be sure that the mascara brush has been cleaned thoroughly and has had time to sit and dry.

Apply dye to the thickest part of your eye brow, this is usually the inside portion of your eye brow (the portion closest to your eyes and not your forehead). Allow this to set for just a moment and then reapply the die to this area again.

Clean your mascara brush and apply more dye it. Proceed to apply dye to the thinner parts of your eyebrows. These usually consist of the outer parts and edges of your eyebrow.

By now your eyebrow should completely be died. Let this stand for about five minutes and then apply additional coats until the color is to your liking.

Cover Girl offers a large array of different mascara types and colors. Dior is also a great choice for darkening or coloring your eyebrows. 

And here I found a helpful Video :


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