Spring 2014 Make-Up Trends

Spring is right around the corner and the new make-up trends for 2014 give off that bright and fresh feeling.I always love when the soft colors of the season are reflected on the runway and pastel eyes are everywhere this spring. Violet seems especially hot but colors range from subtle pastels to bolder blues and greens.

More critical than the color you pick, the key to great eyes seems to lie in accenting with thick, broad strokes of black liner and mascara. Lips are also giving off a great fresh vibe. The bolder the better when it comes to picking a eye shadow color. Think fun, flirty and fabulous. Fuchsia, neon, hot pink and coral are all great choices and even classic red has been spotted.

Elements of glam can still be found everywhere. Gold is the new metallic of choice and you can still fall back on the smokey eyes. This look is still being seen everywhere and can be used as a glamorous day or evening look.

With eyebrows looking broad but neat this season, add the drama of a smokey eye to make a bold statement. Finally, I always like to fall back on the natural look for warmer weather and thankfully, this look hit the runways for spring. There is something refreshing about a clean, dewy complexion and soft lips and eyes.

I think its actually harder to nail the natural look than some other trends because a flawless complexion is critical to looking great. While great skin helps pull off this look, you can use a great foundation to get the look of a clear and even complexion. Throw in some neutral eyes and lips and finish up with soft pink cheeks for an added glow. This is definitely my favorite look of the season but all the trends for 2014 seem to offer an upbeat and fun feeling for spring.


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