Lash Primer and Mascara

Hallo there. Today I like to talk – again – about short, white lashes without any „swing“ and stand. Unfortunately I got these lashes and even the coloring has not really good results. I don`t like this clumpy heavy “Wow-Boom-Bang” Volume Mascara.

Since a longer time I use Lash Primer from Estee Lauder. These one you see here:

Yepp, it helps the lashes to look longer and voluminous but it`s expensive. After this experience I was looking for a Double Product. Lash primer and mascara. And I found some good product by Revlon and L`Oreal.  It`s like a double brush. One of each side of the mascara, filled with tint or primer.

 After reading the reviews of these two mascara I bought the L`Oreal Mascara for about 10 $. Half price of my Lash Primer from Estee Lauder. Good. Sand now I used my new beauty Thing. The Primer is smooth, but not to soft and not sticky. After using the (really black) tint on top I was very satisfied with my short lashes. Perfect for me and every day. Good result, less money – recommended :-)


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