5 Tips for beautiful eyebrows

Hello everyone – talk everything from summer makeup, fashion trends, sunscreen. Today I have another issue and that something fundamental, what comes BEFORE the make up. I mean the eyebrows.

Honestly, if the brow is not right, loses the whole face of expression. Thin lines, painted in high arches over the eyes or – much worse – tattooed look but from stupid or not? A well-shaped and clean plucked eyebrow gives the face the right framework. That’s why I always go to my Beauty Therapist  and llet her do the basic shape before work.  But I still have more

Tips for beautiful eyebrows:


  •  Take advice rFrom a pro if you are not sure what shape and thickness of the eyebrows you really is. A make-up artist knows as much better and can pluck the basic shape. The est makes your home then
  •  Pluck basic form itself. If you want to do that at home, there are eyebrow stencils of Art Deco, the help. Plucks rather less away, otherwise it looks at the end of perhaps catastrophic.
  •  Use the appropriate mirror. Magnifying mirror show yes EVERYTHING in the face and then look at the Agen eyebrows quickly as dense forests and your plucking too much weg.Also prefer not to increase very much and work in good lighting.
  •  Eyebrow tint: Beware of dark colors. It is better to a maximum of one shade darker than the hair color to tint, otherwise it looks hard or artificial, and makes old. Alternatives sidn brow powder and brow gel (darken the eyebrows off).
  •  Women from 40 Warning: With declining hormone production and the hair and eyebrows are sparse in growth. If your plucking and often too intense, then it may well be that nothing grows back.
  •  Browing style. The “horse hair”, the stubborn stand around in the eyebrow can be reduced. Otherwise, some hair spray or cream on a brow brush and all the hair combed toward approach. It looks clean.
  • Style and maintain eyebrows is not bad and who’s afraid of the pain meim plucking, for whom I have a tip. Simply cools down the plucking zone with an ice cube, then it does not hurt.

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