Eyes relax with Yoga

Our eyes do daily hard work. For this they are of us still wearing makeup;-). Therefore, we are now times are not talking about a new mascara or eye shadow but the active relaxation of eyes.
Who is focused in front of the screen, tends to the monitor to “rigid” without batting an eyelash. This dries out the eye and the optic nerves are heavily loaded.
People who deal with Yoga, therefore recommended for the eyes a special yoga, which is also called pragmatic eye yoga.
These simple exercises can everyone learn very quickly. They are used for relaxation of the optic nerve, and eyelid muscles around the eye. At the same time we come to rest and can even listen to us.
The exercises are all feasible, require only a few minutes – but act like a refreshing break for our eyes.
Unfortunately, they can not one – improve or cure vision defects. Pity but chic glasses are so great accessories that simply belong to it today.
Train from now your eyes regularly and take advantage of the short break. This is also true for smartphone Rigid.


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