Make mascara itself

In the Internet there are the most amazing things – little helpers for applying mascara and false eyelashes, heated eyelash curler for … etc. Let’s be honest: do you need all this, just to get some nice eyelashes I am indeed to normal mascara? (normal in winter, waterproof in summer) and dye my white, short eyelashes every few weeks dark. Nothing more.

Now I’ve read that you can make mascara itself. Yes, it is – but once you’ve read the ingredients list? Thereof a drop, two drops of preservative, a few dyes to and castor oil. If I buy myself all together (assuming I get it at the pharmacy) I’m getting really money going. For all these ingredients it is certainly not in drop-packagings, so it can be expensive. For this, I can then determines Lancome Definicils mascara already my beloved or at least the Astor mascara purchase.

In addition, there is no guarantee that you really can withstand even the mixed mascara. What if there is inflammation of the eye or eyelashes fall out? Nope, everything is too stressful, costly and uncertain. There are also various eyelashes diseases that can be captured. I do not want black paint but it really is not necessary to operate such an effort.

Not even if you wear contact lenses or sensitive eyes has. The mascara market actually provides all the conditions for the right product. I also find it nice to sneak through the perfumery and look through all of mascara. Buying experience is also what fine and can replace chocolate;-). My opinion.


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