New sera for long lashes

As I many women suffer sparse, bright or too short eyelashes. Curiously, men as few problems and many women look enviously on the long and curved lashes of her partner or friends.
There are different methods, the eyelashes something to help on the jumps. Temporary cheat false eyelashes or Volumenmascara more fullness and length.

Some women can also be transplanted individual lashes. An expensive method, which is not always successful, because often these lashes are repelled again or own lashes break even more.

Giving hope now new sera with natural ingredients that are on the market. These Sera are enriched with vitamins, keratin or ginseng. For eyelash growth is to provide a drug that is originally used for eye diseases: prostaglandins.

These growth hormones are used in glaucoma. They expand the channels for ocular fluids and so reduce intraocular pressure. As a side effect, the ophthalmologists and researchers observed an increased growth of eyelashes. A great effect for the cosmetics industry, the prostaglandins had to convert a fatty acid and n is now using in Wimpernseren.

The eyelashes grow – that is undisputed but internal users should not ignore the side effects. In particular, the additives in the sera can cause allergies and eyelid inflammation. The color of the eyelashes may change or discolor the eyelid. In patients with glaucoma changed during treatment with prostaglandins in some cases even eye color.

So take care when using Sera that the agent does not get into your eyes and let your eyes checked regularly by an ophthalmologist. In case of changes of the skin or eyes please settle the serum.

Is that all too expensive and too dangerous? Then we recommend a good mascara for sensitive eyes.



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