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Make face masks for dry skin in winter itself

In winter, the skin under cold, dry, heated air, and sometimes wrong creams suffers. Many women skin care during the cold season and not to use more light gels and creams with too little rich ingredients that the skin needs now. The result is an unpleasant pulling and tingling, dryness, or redness in your face. Continue reading

Home remedy for stye

A stye – hordeolum – is an inflammation of the lid margin or in the inner eyelid. The sebaceous glands are flooded and inflamed by bacteria. The glands can not fully perform and protect the delicate eye their work. As a result, the eyes are inflamed and to the gland results in a purulent abscess. He is easily recognized by swelling and itching. Once this opens abscess and the pus drained, the inflammation can subside.

Important! Open the abscess never itself. There should always be a doctor determine the appropriate treatment and medication prescribing (antibiotic drops and ointments).

You can support the healing process with home remedies. Do not touch your eyes with your hands or put wet compresses on the eyes. How can invade other bacteria that only worsen inflammation.
Red light dries out the abscess. You can put two or three times a day for 10 minutes before a red light (eyes but close).

The inflamed lids you can carefully dab with chamomile, fennel tea or a decoction of eyebright. Also dabbing with apple cider vinegar has a soothing effect. The vinegar may not re-enter the eye.