Mascara Tricks and Tips

Do you know this: runny mascara, fly legs, unsightly marks on the eyelids or eyelashes hanging. This woman has to live? Nope, we have researched times, the tricks, the application of mascara is simple and we got a great eyelashes.

1. Mascara runs:

Mascara is not waterproof your and runs in the first small tear or a raindrop? Not bad. Washes she lashes and let the ink dry well. Then a second time on good mascara. This gives volume and keeps the ink on the eyelashes. For swimming, but better to buy waterproof mascara.

2. Too much paint on the brush:

This is what happens when new mascara or if it is very warm outside. Then the ink is liquid and it accumulates too much on the brush. Be sure to also previously a piece of kitchen or toilet paper strip (not at the edge of the bottle!), Otherwise there are lumps and fly legs.

3. Too little paint on the brush:

Then the mascara is either empty or dried. Thus, the ink is liquid again, simply tighten the good mascara and park in a glass of hot water or warm heating.

4. Just eyelashes forms

Works best with an eyelash curler. The silicone strip before warm up a bit with a hair dryer, then the momentum will last longer. The eyelash curler just squeeze gently. If the lashes are lifted, but do not close at the same time. Lashes before mascara shapes. Who would like to emphasize only the tips of lashes, mascara can also have the eyelash curler. Then nothing can land next to it and the result is natural.

5. Lashes are glued together

Who has no eyelash brush can also use a toothbrush (unused) manage and comb through the lashes inked.


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