Mascara trend: colored tips

The make-up artists have indeed throw every now and then a new trend in the market. So the summer is colored. Have we already – yawn. But not quite, because the beauty junkies my not blue or green mascara but only colored tops – eyelash lace. This means in plain text: draw a colored eyeliner, which is in great contrast to the eye color, eyelashes black mascara and then the contrasting color (preferably from the eyeliner) Apply to the eyelashes tips. So you need a different mascara for each color effect?
I have ever tried and lent me by a friend a purple mascara. So get, purple eyeliner it, mascara lashes with a volume mascara and after drying the purple mascara on the tips.

Effect? Almost not at all. In the heavily inked black eyelashes darker contrasting tones disappear almost immediately. Maybe that works so if you inherently has very dark eyelashes or colored lashes? I mean, so without mascara.
Too bad, because I think the trend is not so bad – so I was thinking, if you could not pollinate with powder eyeshadow tips. I then got my Brush for the lashes and after a few failed attempts I really `ve done “something”. Namely an orange eyeliner with a cotton swab and  orange tips.

Conclusion: Not every trend I like andI will certainly not often apply. Too expensive and – if you want to buy Mascaras – also quite expensive. In addition, you can see the colored tips anyway less in my short Stumpis. Better to invest in a nice lipstick or a new perfume – or a hairdresser.


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