New Color Trend Hair Chalk: colorful strands with hair chalk

A new trend “thrilled” by the fashionista squad. Hair chalk. A temporary pleasure with which the fashion-conscious woman can without problems at any time to paint colorful highlights in her hair.

The hair chalk comes from the house of Essence, the products are called Arriba “Hair Chalk” and costs 4 euros at dm. There they will be in June in a limited edition in shades of pink and green.

“Hair Chalk” is a kind of clip that includes the strands, and applying the color. Just pinch the desired strand and then practically colored with chalk. This works well and brings attention to light hair good effects. The hair can be washed chalk.

So far so good but you should still several things when using:
1. When applying the chalk easily spread on clothing and skin. Therefore protect the clothing with a cloth and better color the strands before make up, otherwise a makeup repair is necessary.
2. In the evening the chalk needs of the hair. As it dries the hair should be best after washing hang with a mild shampoo, rinsing or hydrating mask.
3. It is best to apply only to healthy hair, since the dehydration is really strong

Conclusion: a cheap and quick idea about the look, for example, for a party to alter the festival or the carnival. Otherwise act “real” highlights maintained, because the hair strands with Haarkreide- looks but very dull. Funny but it is all.

Who does not want to wait for the hair chalk of DM, is also on Amazon and search for “Hair Chalk” a wide range of colors and grades from home and abroad.


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