Xpress50 Price Price tag printer for small business

Since then, the EU has established new rules and regulations for food labeling and YTD also monitored increasingly, are many traders faced with a problem, which is actually none at all. The price tags are in accordance with the will of the EU with open presented food: be washable, durable and non-fading. Paper signs, boards with chalk or laminated sheets are no longer with the rules and must be replaced with plastic shields.

Our tip: price tag printer Xpress 50 Price


The small and compact price tag printer of German retailer Nexus is fast and very functional. He printed ISO standard plastic cards in just a few seconds in the best quality. Plastic cards fit into conventional shelves with a width of 50 mm. The small printer is easy and can be housed in a shelf or under the counter because of its compact design and good connections.

The device can print one color per hour up to 1,800 plastic cards (in different colors). The multi-color printing is also possible and the application of a logo on the price tags. The high printing speed traders can always react to price changes.

The price tag printer Xpress 50 Price is a card printer with very good price-performance ratio. He is not prone to failure, easy to use and is to purchase in the lower price segment. The printer profitable short to medium term even with smaller print rate and is therefore well suited for small businesses.


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