Access control by fingerprint

The new generation of smart devices of Biometrics for Access Control improves building security, internal communication and staff management and at a significantly lower total cost of ownership than previous biometric systems using physical access control.


Biometrics Access Control

The biometric authentication technology has come a long way. A few years ago there was a big debate about the biometric authentication is really safe enough and really suitable for the protection of data. Today there is no longer such a discussion: The focus is now on the increase of safety and that is just connected to the secure biometric authentication. Today’s biometric security devices, however, have much more to do than just authentication: they offer the way also the right level of security at which the indication of the exact locations and their location is needed.

Only in this way can the authentication levels in the ever-changing threat levels if necessary regulate entirely from new. These skills will make it worth while much more important in the future. As a remedy for loss, forgetfulness, theft or counterfeiting: modern access control is perfect fingerprint. For these access control provides the comfort and security of a biometric identification that suits every door. This access control used here is the safest technology, there are: a thermal line sensor with life identification.

Sensor Technology

Many devices that support this technology, will also be constructed that the finger is not placed, but is pulled over a sensor. The sensor is cleaned simultaneously. In this way, the access control by fingerprint is more secure, as this no usable traces behind. This technology can be used anywhere to without fear having to leave marks on the sensor. In this way, the access control can replace the traditional door key fingerprint soon.



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