Fingerprint or debit card at Wellness and Sport

An individually designed guest card as a souvenir

Yesterday I found while cleaning up in my autumn jacket the guest card of the idyllic spa hotels. The pretty multicolored crafted card was me then presented at reception on arrival. She had one hand strike for the spa and sauna area and the other part of the key for the beautiful hotel rooms. The technique associated with this little piece of plastic is very impressive. So there are these customer cards with back magnetic stripe or chip with built-in, on each of which information about the house or the guest will be saved. At the reception, I could even choose a design for the front and immediately take my custom and freshly printed guest card in receiving me. Printer for such loyalty cards can be bought now in various performance categories and price ranges. The local card printer was clearly visible as a desktop unit at the front desk and was with its fast printing a part of the personal greeting. Now this card is a small piece of memory of a relaxing holiday.

The shopper card as a membership card

My gym has also dealt loyalty cards, but in practical card holder with lanyards for hanging. The color matched to the customer cards bands help me too often the faster recovery in the sports bag. This customer card is used only as a membership card. It is printed the same for all athletes and with a provider in a large amount. The customer card of the studio does not contain any other technical feature.

For this, at the counter paying of soft drinks and snacks available very easily with one finger. When you first log in studio my pay-finger has been scanned and stored fingerprint. Paying is very convenient cashless and safely possible. After a strenuous workout that is sometimes quite seductive.


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